Education in Disguise: The Power of Stealth Learning

Education in Disguise: The Power of Stealth Learning

Sasha Jackson
Authored by Sasha Jackson
Posted: Wednesday, May 22, 2024 - 13:29

Stealth learning, also known as hidden education, is all about slipping educational content into enjoyable activities. It's like teaching undercover! By cleverly integrating learning goals into non-traditional tools, like games, we can make learning feel like play. Kids think they're just having fun, but guess what? They're learning at the same time.

But why go undercover with learning? Well, when students are learning without even realising it, that's when the magic happens. Research shows that kids, especially younger ones, learn best when they're playing games. These games mix real-life situations with traditional learning stuff, like spelling, counting, and even making decisions and taking risks.

Games are the heroes here. They teach all sorts of stuff: spelling, counting, history – you name it. And it's not just about facts; games also help with life skills like problem-solving, teamwork, patience, following rules, and even waiting your turn. They're like a one-stop-shop for learning, fitting into almost every subject and catering to different learning styles.

Plus, here's the cool part: when you're emotionally invested in something, your brain kicks into high gear. That's why hands-on learning—actually doing stuff—is so effective. By turning learning into a game, we're not just teaching; we're creating memories and sparking that awesome feeling of discovery.


Here are a few classic games and some example skills they teach: 

• Connect 4 - counting, lines, diagonals, squares, competition • Crosswords - vocabulary words, definitions • Darts - large motor skills, counting, targets • Dice - counting or add/subtract/multiply each cube • Word Search - vocabulary words, definitions • Yahtzee - counting and matching numbers • Cranium - a game where everyone can show their strengths: acting, drawing, wordsmith, or knowledge • Jenga - fine motor skills and matching • Mouse Trap - cause and effect (chain reaction) • Risk - teaching world geography and strategy • Scrabble - teaching spelling and vocabulary.


Here are a few of our family favourites:

History Heroes Games   - not many games teach history, HH do it brilliantly.

City of Zombies - sneakily teaches maths whilst being really fun to play.


Dungeon Mayhem

Exploding Kittens




Here's a link to educational games on Amazon.


What are your favourite board or card games? We'd love to hear your suggestions.

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