the home ed daily advertising disclaimer


Some sites and social media posts can be pretty shady about declaring affiliations. I prefer to be completely upfront. This is my full advertising disclaimer.


Why do I have advertiser's links?

I chose to participate in affiliate marketing to support the costs of running the website. I've personally selected the affiliated links in my content; they are all products that are excellent for home education (so you won't see random beauty or fitness products here for example!). With every advertiser I approach, I arrange a home education discount or offer where possible, to help save you money too.


Transparency; if the content benefits me, I will always say so.

I create the content for The Home Ed Daily to help other home educators like myself. I write authentically and openly, with complete editorial control over what I do and don’t say. This means that if I am ever sent an item to review, I decide what I write about it. I will always be clear about how I received the item, so if it was sent as a gift, I'll say that it was. If I haven’t stated how I received an item, then this means that I bought it myself. I’m constantly buying resources for my family, so this is most often the case.


Most of my links are actually not affiliated at all.

On a lot of content, I may link to items that I myself find relevant and useful. For example, on a science article, I may link to books that helped my own teaching of science or compile lists of handy online learning links. I’ve not been asked or paid to link to these; I just find them useful myself, so I think you will too.


Clear and upfront honesty.

It's important that you can easily distinguish between normal links and affiliate links in my content. Affiliate links in my content will always have this symbol - 🖐️ - next to them or be an image-based advertising banner. In reviews, if I have been gifted an item or there are affiliated links, there will be a clear disclaimer saying so at the beginning.


I am participating in Amazon's Associates Program.

As an Amazon Associate, I can earn a teeny tiny commission from qualifying sales made through affiliate links. Amazon is a bit of a corporate monster, but they do inevitably have the best prices. The price you pay for the items is exactly the same regardless of whether you use my link or not, but the choice is always yours to make.


Again, while I really would appreciate you clicking through those links to support my website, you are welcome to go directly to the advertisers and search for the items yourself. Remember, though, that you don't pay anything extra when using a link from here. On some links, I may even have arranged a discount or offer, so it's a win/win!

You read right to the end; high five to you!