Language learning resources

Language learning apps and sites. National curriculum language resources are covered on some of the 'mixed subjects' links too.


  • Free languages app, fun bite-sized lessons, ideal for children: Duolingo
  • Language learning, mostly free: Memrise
  • Highly recommended, 14 languages. Monthly to lifetime subscriptions offered: Babbel 
  • Learn online with a real teacher: Babbel Live
  • Free award-winning language app: Busuu
  • Gamified 5-minute lessons, free: Drops
  • French, Spanish, Italian, German. Monthly to lifetime subscriptions: Ouino languages
  • Non-profit language learning: Speechling
  • Well-established and well respected. Keep an eye out for their great 50% off lifetime deals: Rosetta Stone
  • Learn BSL (British sign language) from home: British Sign