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🧡Let's build a thriving home ed website together🧡

👋🏼 This is an invitation to submit your own personal content to a new website ‘The Home Ed Daily’. I would love your stories and articles - on any aspects of home ed. It is a site for and written by home educators. I sincerely hope that the information and many online resources I’ve linked to there, are helpful to our HE community. I’d like the site to debunk some misconceptions about home ed too, by showing how excellent our children and the alternatives to formal education are.

I’m looking for engaging articles on diverse topics. For example - success stories, different styles of home ed (child-led, worldschooling, etc.), navigating the exams process, SEND issues, maybe an article written from your child’s perspective, your review on a subscription box or paid resource targeted at home educators, insightful tips or teaching ideas, the challenges faced by home educating, action groups and legislation issues - and everything in between!


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/the.home.ed.daily

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the.home.ed.daily


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Ready to share? You will need to register and create a login on the site here: https://www.thehomeeddaily.co.uk/article-submission-guide

Once your email and account are verified, you can then submit content as often as you like. Many of us like to stay ‘off the radar’, so you can use a pseudonym on your published content if preferred.


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Please help me make ‘The Home Ed Daily’ successful by sharing it within your home education circles. Spread the word to fellow home educators and groups on H.E. social media platforms. If you know of great content published by others elsewhere, invite them to upload it to The Home Ed Daily too. For example, pro-home-ed journalists, celebrity home educators, or inspiring writers - their input would enormously benefit the site.


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