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Debunking home ed myths: Aren't you stuck at home all day?

Sasha Jackson
Authored by Sasha Jackson
Posted: Friday, November 24, 2023 - 12:53

During the Covid-19 lockdowns (as a parent who had opted to home educate), I faced some perplexing insinuations from other parents whose children attended traditional schools. Their assumption? That I, as a home ed parent, must have been accustomed to being holed up at home day in and day out.

The audacity of this presumption grated on my nerves. I wanted to shake my head in disbelief. In reality, our days before lockdown were far from being confined within the walls of our home. Contrary to the misconception that home ed equates to perpetual indoor seclusion, our routine was usually quite the opposite. Home ed bears no resemblance to the lockdown 'homeschooling' that school children experienced during the pandemic.

Our days are bustling with activities, explorations, and learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom. We are out and about, engaging in a myriad of enriching pursuits. Our calendar is always brimming with diverse engagements, whether it's nature walks, museum visits, forest clubs, social meet-ups or group activities.

The notion that home educators shelter their children within the confines of home is a gross misunderstanding. Home ed isn't about keeping our kids sequestered away from the world. It's about embracing flexibility, tailor-made education, and seizing the richness of learning experiences beyond (and often unavailable to) the traditional school setting.

This assumption reflects a lack of understanding about the versatility of this educational choice. As the world navigated lockdowns and restrictions, our home ed journey suffered - all our usual pursuits were cancelled. So no, it wasn't easy for us to be holed up at home every day. We have such an active and vibrant home ed life that actually - I wish we were at home more (the housework does suffer!).

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