Can't decide whether to home educate?

Can't decide whether to home educate?

Sasha Jackson
Authored by Sasha Jackson
Posted: Saturday, November 4, 2023 - 17:01

Can't decide whether to home ed? If you're seriously considering it, you probably already feel it is the right path for your family. Also, didn't you realise that you home educate now…

You provide all the essentials for nurturing and educating a small human. Unconditional love, respect, everyday life skills, answering all those questions, reading to them, chatting and listening, going out and discovering together, playing (often underestimated in its importance), freedom & opportunity - the more 'academic' stuff can be learned later when they're ready, and at their own pace. Learning happens everywhere, all the time.

There will be tough days; that's normal. You may have to juggle work commitments, family, and finances, which can be stressful. We all have wobbles as parents and days when we worry if we've made the right choice - I had older children who went to school - and I still had all those worries.

Home education tends to be an educational philosophy and lifestyle instead of a short-term solution. Don't be afraid to de-register (if your child is currently at school); remember that your child can go back into the system anytime; it's not an irreversible choice (though it's most likely you won't want to!). There isn't one way to home educate - and it's different for every family, adapting over time as needed for your child. There is much to be learned from daily life and play, and you can try many different styles and approaches.

There are countless home ed Facebook groups; find those local to you and join lots of them. Once you've found your local groups, go to social meetups - it's very reassuring to chat with other home educating families, especially at the start of your H.E. journey. One of the many beautiful things about home education (along with visiting places when everyone else is at school: quiet, no queues, easy to park, cheaper off-peak prices, etc. hurrah!) is that you can tailor the education and the style of learning to fit your child's individual needs, interests and passions. My advice? Go for it 👍❤️

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